Maintaining a business environmental thermal comfort year round should be a priority for all business owners. You have many people relying on the HVAC Milwaukee contractors to keep the office cool in summer and warm during the winter. Milwaukee heating and cooling proudly offers commercial furnace repair services to several areas and businesses. When your employees get cold, they lose their focus and productivity and that means your customers will be dissatisfied. We help make sure your employees stay comfortable and at ease.

Our Heating and cooling Milwaukee contractors has been in this industry for a long time, and our experience and knowledge means that you get the best quality work for your dollar. Milwaukee Heating and cooling takes pride on the ability to offer unique solutions to the clients’ needs and are constantly staying on top of cutting edge technology providing customers high quality installations and services in a variety of projects and industries:

  • Laboratories
    • Commercial hvac contractors milwaukee design and assist HVAC repair works, maintenance and installation in a wide variety of laboratory, research and clean room facilities. HVAC companies should be experienced in these special environments to be able to deliver insights and expertise into many design issues that would relate to these high performance settings.
    • Commercial AC contractors and heating services should know how to address exacting requirements such as precise temperatures and humidity control, special filtering and space pressurization requirements and the application of stainless, PVC and other specialty required ducts.
  • Health Care
    • A HVAC Milwaukee company should know and understand the requirements of working in these highly demanding environments and focus on the importance of safety and health with the contractors and inhabitants on site. The projects require sensitivity to proper site management and contamination control in all phases of work which includes hospitals and clinic facilities.
  • Offices
    • From single story office buildings to multiple building campuses, each project is unique and poses special challenges. Heating and cooling Milwaukee companies work with clients and partners to pursue value, efficiency and innovation in the wide variety of HVAC settings. The design of the core HVAC framework and consistent functioning and efficacy will be crucial for the success and effective operations of individuals and organizations. Each HVAC companies should be in line with the businesses’ objective of ensuring occupant comfort and indoor air quality while simultaneously achieving efficiency and value in the construction and operational costs of these systems.
  • Institutional
    • Institutional projects include educational, social and government facilities which usually pose difficult challenges in HVAC design and installation. Commercial hvac companies in Milwaukee and service provider should be well versed on how to design and evaluate projects to reduce costs, add value and meet or exceed all required specifications.
  • Industrial
    • Milwaukee heating and cooling repair has considerable experience with a variety of industrial projects. We are aware with the high performance demands and significant challenges offered by industrial facilities that embark on either new construction or remodelling projects. New construction often comprises mixed use facilities, possibly including office environments, manufacturing facilities, or clean room spaces. Remodelling projects require tight time frames where production shut downs constrain the amount of work that can be done at a given time. We understand the challenges of working in difficult environments that require extensive planning and rigorous execution in order to keep projects on schedule with minimal disruptions.